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We understand that learning your unique local real estate market is absolutely critical to your career and investment success. Moseley’s LEARN LOCAL, SUCCEED LOCAL® program makes sure that you hit the ground running and that you are supported throughout your entire career! The Georgia Real Estate Commission has approved Moseley Real Estate Schools as meeting the requirements of Georgia Laws (School #8061).


Georgia Real Estate Career Seminars

Tuition: FREE (priceless value)

Whether you know which firm you want to join or not, these seminars are a great way to explore the benefits of a successful real estate career, real estate investing, and begin to network with your local real estate community. These seminars are presented by an active local real estate agent in a local real estate environment. You may attend as many free seminars as you would like, because Moseley knows that networking is important for both you and the firm. Hit the ground running by being a Moseley graduate!

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Georgia Broker Exam Prep  (coming soon)

Regular Tuition: $220
20% DISCOUNT: $176  (see SAVE MONEY below)
30% DISCOUNT: $154  (see SAVE MONEY below)
(included in our broker prelicensing packages above) 

Moseley Stands Out

  •   Electronic broker course textbook (PDF) included
  •   1,500+ dynamic question bank
  •   Topic specific practice tests (unlimited)
  •   Comprehensive practice tests (unlimited)
  •   Online trainer support
This exam prep tool is designed for those folks who purchased a course from another school and now find themselves in need of additional training to pass the Georgia broker licensing exam. Don’t worry – Moseley is here to the rescue. It can be stressful, timely, and expensive to re-take the PSI state licensing exam. We work hard to create products that promote first-time success. Our proprietary online Moseley Learning Management System has all the tools and resources needed to support your exam success. Hit the ground running and be supported throughout your entire career by being a Moseley graduate!


Georgia Real Estate Law Update 36 credit hour  

Tuition: FREE
$1,000+ career value
satisfies entire GREC 36-credit-hr requirement

For each four year license renewal period, you are required to complete 36-credit-hours of Georgia Real Estate Commission approved continuing education courses. Many schools charge $120 or more for these courses, which over your career could total over $1,000. Moseley provides them to you for free, so that you have all the tools necessary to maintain a successful career. Be supported throughout your entire career by being a Moseley graduate!


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Active Military, Veteran, First Responders & their SPOUSES

If you are active duty military, veteran, or first responder (or their spouse – we know y’all are heroes too!) and would like to take advantage of our discount, please contact us by phone (1.877.667.3539) or email ( to get started!

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